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When it comes to reaching goals,



ME by Hanger Clinic

Empowering You to Improve Your Prosthetic Outcomes

At Hanger Clinic, we understand every person is unique. That's why we've introduced ME™ by Hanger Clinic*, a smart, data-driven program designed to track and monitor the progress of your individualized care in a way that empowers you to reach, or even exceed, your highest personal goals.

*Currently only available for adult lower limb prosthetic patients

How It Works

Tracking Your Progress with a Lower Limb Prosthesis

Schedule appointment
Set up your free evaluation at a Hanger Clinic near you.
fill out SURVEY
You’ll fill out a survey that helps us better understand your care progress, quality of life and patient satisfaction.
Custom Patient Profile
We’ll build a custom patient profile using your input and the latest clinical evaluation methods.
receive ME Scorecard™
This information is summarized into a ME Scorecard™ for you to share with your doctor and your care team.
talk with your clinician
At future appointments, you'll revisit the survey, and you and your clinician will discuss areas of concern, set new goals and celebrate success together.
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See Why ME™ by Hanger Clinic Works

for Patient Gerard Barela

Placing Progress in
the Palm of Your Hand

The ME Scorecard™ helps us track and monitor your satisfaction, quality of life and progress as you move through your care pathway. It helps us understand how you’re doing compared to others similar to you nationwide, allowing you to set new milestones and take an active role in your care.
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ME Scorecard
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Your ME Scorecard™

Meaningful Insights for Your Healthcare Team

We want to empower your healthcare team with the data they need to make informed decisions for your care. ME™ by Hanger Clinic is a data-driven, evidence-based program designed to monitor and improve your satisfaction, quality of life and progress as you move through the care pathway. In your ME Scorecard™, you will find:

  • Comparison of your mobility to that of similar individuals
  • Long-term mobility progress and trends
  • Satisfaction and quality of life scores

877-909-0595 to
request your free
evaluation today.

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by Hanger Clinic, fill out the form below:

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