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As a prosthetic user, this exciting event gives you the opportunity to speak with a nationally recognized prosthetic specialist. Patient Education Clinics (PECs) are free of charge and open to anyone who has a concern or challenge regarding their prosthesis. You do not need to be a Hanger Clinic patient to attend.

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Get a one-on-one consultation with world-renowned specialists to address any issues you may have with your prosthesis. The clinic includes a check of your mobility, comfort and independence. 

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At Hanger Clinic, we truly believe in the power of peer support. At PECs, you'll be able to get to know other amputees in your community and learn new tips and tricks for navigating through life with your prosthesis.

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You'll learn about the latest prosthetic technology, including ComfortFlex® socket technology, elevated vacuum, insignia scanning, and microprocessor-controlled prosthetics.


8 Yuma, AZ Kevin Carroll
9 Casa Grande, AZ Kevin Carroll
15 Jackson, MS Kevin Carroll
16 Hattiesburg, MS Kevin Carroll
17 Gulfport, MS Kevin Carroll
22 Orangeburg, SC Kevin Carroll
22 Jefferson, LA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
23 Columbia, SC Kevin Carroll
23 Baton Rouge, LA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
24 Spartanburg, SC Kevin Carroll
24 Lake Charles, LA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
29 South Easton, MA Kevin Carroll
29 Encino, CA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
30 Long Beach, CA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
30 Worcester, MA Kevin Carroll
31 Springfield, MA Kevin Carroll
31 Torrance, CA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
4 Sierra Vista, AZ Kevin Carroll
5 Tucson, AZ (2 Days) Kevin Carroll
6 Tucson, AZ Kevin Carroll
12 Merced, CA Kevin Carroll
13 Antioch, CA Kevin Carroll
14 Vallejo, CA Kevin Carroll
26 Winston-Salem, NC Kevin Carroll
26 Oakland, CA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
27 Stockton, CA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
27 Greensboro, NC Kevin Carroll
28 Sacramento, CA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
28 Concord, NC Kevin Carroll
4 Kissimmee, FL Kevin Carroll
5 Orlando, FL Kevin Carroll
5 Yuba City, CA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
6 Roseville, CA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
7 Folsom, CA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
7 Winter Haven, FL Kevin Carroll
12 Anniston, AL Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
13 Santa Rosa, CA Kevin Carroll
13 Tuscaloosa, AL Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
14 San Francisco, CA Kevin Carroll
19 Rocky Mount, NC Kevin Carroll
19 Farmington, NM Al Maciunas
19 Aurora, IL Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
20 Greenville, NC Kevin Carroll
20 Santa Fe, NM Al Maciunas
20 Peoria, IL Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
21 Petersburg, VA Kevin Carroll
21 Albuquerque, NM Al Maciunas
21 Joliet, IL Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
East Stroudsburg, PA Kevin Carroll
26 Memphis, TN Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
27 Williamsport, PA Kevin Carroll
27 Jackson, TN Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
28 Wilkes-Barre, PA Kevin Carroll
28 Nashville, TN Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
3 Glendale, AZ Kevin Carroll
3 Omaha, NE Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
4 Lincoln, NE Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
4 Chandler, AZ Kevin Carroll
9 Great Falls, MT Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
9 Columbus, OH Kevin Carroll
10 Billings, MT Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
10 Zanesville, OH Kevin Carroll
11 Dayton, OH Kevin Carroll
16 Oklahoma City, OK Kevin Carroll
16 Lancaster, PA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
17 Tulsa, OK Kevin Carroll
17 Elizabethtown, PA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
18 Philadelphia, PA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
18 Ardmore, OK Kevin Carroll
23 Fort Smith, AR Kevin Carroll
23 Louisville, KY Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
Rogers, AR Kevin Carroll
24 Lexington, KY Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
25 Springdale, AR Kevin Carroll
25 Cincinnati, OH Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday
30 Rancho Mirage, CA Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday




Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP/D

Kevin is a visionary who has contributed to the development of innovative products in use in the field today, and he is a co-developer of a prosthetic tail for Winter, an amputee dolphin at a Florida aquarium. The successful effort was made into the feature film, Dolphin Tale, starring Morgan Freeman. Kevin has practiced advanced prosthetics in several countries and was named a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthotics and Prosthetics. 

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Wallis W. Toataua-Farraday, CP, LP

Wallis has over 40 years of experience and expertise in providing prosthetic care for challenging cases around the world. Wallis has made numerous and extensive contributions to the prosthetic industry and has been a leader in research and development for advanced technologies including computer digital design, post-operative prosthetic care, hip disarticulation socket design and upper extremity specialty designs.

Al Maciunas

Al Maciunas, CPO, FAAOP

Al is an ABC Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist and Lower Extremity Prosthetic Specialist for Hanger Clinic. His clinical interest includes prosthetic design concepts. He was co-developer of the Ampushield post-operative device and the VAC-PIN suction socket design. Since 2008, Al has been involved in yearly humanitarian medical missions, providing prosthetic care to the underserved amputee population in Lima, Peru.


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